Supplier Diversity

Café Valley places high values on the unique relationships we have with our customers and the diverse communities that we serve. Diversity and inclusion (D&I) is an important responsibility in everything that we do. The Café Valley Supplier Diversity and Inclusion Program is designed to encourage the development of minority[1]owned, women-owned, veteran-owned, LGBT-owned businesses, as well as, SBA-defined small businesses (“Diverse Suppliers”). We view supplier diversity as a strategic business advantage and a component of our D&I strategy. Our commitment to this mission reinforces our corporate values while visibly demonstrating our support for equal business opportunity.

Our Vision:

To integrate Supplier Diversity and Inclusion in the Café Valley procurement process and establish and maintain excellent supplier relationships with Diverse Suppliers in the communities we serve.

Our Mission:

To establish and implement a sustainable Supplier Diversity and Inclusion program that creates value by:

  • Promoting the sourcing of goods and services from high performing, competitive Diverse Suppliers;
  • Monitoring and measuring the Supplier Diversity and Inclusion Program effectiveness; and
  • Participating in outreach programs/activities to support Diverse Suppliers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Café Valley Supplier Diversity Program