How We Give

Our Giving Tradition

We serve our communities through volunteerism and giving. We are committed to taking care of the people who take care of our communities by giving to first responders, schools, food banks, and rescue missions to name a few. Our philanthropic giving reinforces that commitment to service by helping organizations who support communities, children, and families in need with a special emphasis on relieving food insecurity.

Café Valley also has an ongoing commitment to support charitable activities of our valued customers, and contributes delicious baked goods, corporate sponsorship, and volunteerism in an effort to strengthen our reputation as a strong community partner with our customers.


  • St. Mary’s Food Bank Alliance
  • Midwest Food Bank Indiana
  • Schools within Maricopa County Arizona
  • Schools within Grant County Indiana
  • The Children’s Miracle Network via Costco
  • The Safeway Foundation
  • Grant County Rescue Mission
  • Phoenix Rescue Mission
  • Marion Fire Department
  • Marion Police Department
  • Arizonans for Children
  • Carey Services

Contact us for more information about Café Valley’s community involvement.

Donation Request Guidelines

Café Valley Bakery is proud to contribute to our community by donating our high quality baked goods to charitable, church, civic, educational and other community organizations. The ever-increasing requests for donations have compelled Café Valley to establish guidelines for consideration.

Our contribution program will continue to support our current commitment to several national organizations and allow us to focus our giving to organizations that meet our requirements.
Request must include the following information to be eligible for consideration:

  1. All requests must be submitted, in writing on your organization’s letterhead, via mail, electronic mail or fax. We cannot accept requests via telephone. NOTE: Due to the number of requests we receive we cannot guarantee that submitting a request will result in a donation.
  2. Organizations must be non-profit, including schools and churches, and be able to provide a tax exempt number or 501c3.
  3. All requests must be accompanied by a COMPLETED Donation Request Form (separate sheet). Unfortunately incomplete forms will not be considered.
  4. All requests must be received a minimum of 30 days in advance. If your letter falls short of this timeframe, we will be unable to forward your request for consideration.
  5. Organizations will be granted one request each year so we may help contribute to as many organizations as possible.
  6. Requests for monetary donations cannot be accepted.

If your request meets within all the guidelines listed above and is approved we will contact you via the information you provided us on the form.
Best wishes for a successful event!

Location: Phoenix & Marion
Contact: Donna Lane
Phone: 623-915-5819

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If your non-profit organization would like to make a request to Café Valley, please use appropriate form and kindly note that we are unable to fulfill every request we receive, but endeavor to serve our community’s needs.