Our Ingredients

It all begins with the ingredients we choose from around the world. We work hard to partner with farmers, growers and processors to source their region’s freshest and best. From our wild Maine blueberries to the Madagascar vanilla and Saigon cinnamon; they’re simply sourced to deliver the great Café Valley experience.

An example of how we pursue our great taste is with our single origin chocolates that are created with cocoa beans from one particular country or region. Each chocolate brings a unique taste sensation that reflects the climate and the land where the cocoa beans were grown.

We use locally sourced eggs, European style premium butter made with fresh sweet cream and slow churned for creamier texture and richer flavor, and our farm fresh cream cheese is made to order for each hand crafted product we bake.

Here at Café Valley Bakery, we are on a mission to bring the best flavors and ingredients used in our cakes and pastries from our bakery to your home.