Mission & Values


To delight our customers, one bite at a time, with delicious, high quality baked goods.


  • Embracing Teamwork – We put the goals of the team above any individual objectives. We support and help each other whenever possible.
  • Displaying Positivity & Passion – We display an attitude of gratitude. We care deeply about our customers, our quality products, and display our passion in a positive, fun way.
  • Embodying Honesty & Integrity – We operate with trust and transparency in all our interactions. We practice open, honest, and accurate communication. We treat our team members with dignity and respect and believe people are our greatest asset.
  • Delivering Results – We are a performance-based organization that delivers on our financial goals for our shareholders, employees and customers. Driven to the best in quality, food safety, and profit. Performance enables additional opportunities for all of us.
  • Living Our Mission – We are very lucky to be in a business that allows to impart joy to our customers. Keeping food and people safety as our top priority enables us to deliver our mission.